Pomeranian Colors
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PLEASE DO NOT Remove ANY photos from this website. They are the sole property of Sharp Poms ~ All of these beautiful Pom babies were born here at Sharp Poms..Thank You ~ THESE PUPPIES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE, JUST A LOOK AT SOME OF THE BEAUTIFUL EXOTIC COLORS WE HAVE PRODUCED OVER THE YEARS.

Welcome ~ This page is dedicated to some of the beautiful Pom Puppies we have produced here at Sharp Poms over the years ~ ENJOY!

Blue ~ Lavender ~ Cream Dilute ~ Merle & Tan

Tiny Blue Merle

Some Exotic Beauties Born Here At Sharp Poms

Beaver Parti & Chocolate Parti

Blue Sable

Solid Chocolate

Solid Black

MERLES ~ Chocolate ~ Red ~ Sable ~


Chocolate/Tan Sable

Lavender Merle Parti

Cream Dilute


Silver Merle


Red Sable


Blue & Tan

Red Merle

Merle & Tan


Tiny Beaver


Orange Sable

Black Mismark

Phantom Merle (Blue Eye)

Merle Parti

Blue & Tan