~ Health Guarantee ~
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~ Sharp Poms Sales Contract ~ Date Of Birth:____________Sex: ________ Color:____________Sire:___________Dam:__________ _____ This Pomeranian is being sold with "FULL AKC REGISTRATION" _____ This Pomeranian is being sold with "NO AKC PAPERS" ( must be spayed/neutered ) Buyers Name:_________________________________ Address:______________________________________ City:_________________________________________ State:____________ Zipcode:_____________________ Purchase Price: $______________Shipping/Delivery Charge: $______________ Airport (If Shipping):__________________________ * The buyer named above has placed a (Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable Deposit) for the above Pomeranian in the amount of $______________. The balance of $_______________is due in full by _____________________. *If the balance is not paid in full by this date or if the buyer decides not to purchase the Pom for "Any Reason" the Pomeranian will be relisted for sale and the buyer will lose their deposit.*** DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE! The breeder, Bridget Sharp guarantees the Pomeranian to be in good health at the time of sale and gives the buyer a 72 hour health guarantee against life threatening illness. Vaccinations and De-worming medication will be given prior to your Pom going home as well as a vaccination record. Please keep all vaccinations up to date per your record to keep your new Pom safe and healthy. Keep your new Pom away from other pets, Veterinary floors, grass areas, shoes and parks until all vaccinations are completed and do not let your Pom on high places where it may fall and get injured as well as things that are dangerous and can cause choking hazards . The buyer has 72 hours from the day they receive their new Pom to have a licensed Veterinarian exam the Pom for life threatening illness (at buyers costs). If your Pomeranian is found to have a life threatening illness during the 72 hour health guarantee time, the buyer must notify the breeder within 24 hours of the diagnosis with the following information: 1.) Date of exam 2.) Name, address, city, state, phone number of the licensed Veterinarian that examined the Pom 3. Diagnosis and all medical records 4. Necropsy if needed to determine cause of death. If the buyer decides to have the Pom treated and not return the Pom back to the breeder within the 72 hour guarantee time, the buyer will be responsible for all medical costs and this guarantee becomes void. If the buyer returns the Pom, all of the above requested information must be provided as well as AKC registration papers and all shipping charges will be the responsibility of the buyer. Under no circumstances will the breeder be responsible for any Veterinary bills incurred or shipping/delivery costs. The breeder will then have her Veterinarian exam the Pom and If the breeders Veterinarian agrees with the diagnosis of a life threatening illness, the breeder will replace the Pomeranian with another Pom of the same value when one becomes available "and replacement is the only option, we do not give cash refunds". If the Pom does not have any of the above mentioned life threatening conditions the buyer may take the Pomeranian back, if the buyer declines no replacement Pom or refund will be given. The breeder does not guarantee the color, size, breeding or show quality of the Pomeranian. This 72 hour health guarantee does not cover: A dislike in the Pomeranian, coat as they are all different, allergies, landlord issues, hypoglycemia, bite, patellas, small open fontanel (common in toy breeds) undescended testicles (some testicles may not drop until six months of age), hernia, parasites, accidents that may happen on the buyers premises, Coccidia/Giardia which may be caused from stress of shipping, new home, change of food and water and is treatable. This guarantee DOES NOT cover "Anything that is treatable and that will not cause death". After the 72 hour health guarantee expires this sale is final. Any legal issues that may arise will be resolved in the jurisdiction of Kingman, Arizona (Mohave County) the place of sale. The breeder will provide the buyer with the following: AKC Registration or No Papers as stated above, Vaccination and De-worming record, New Puppy Owners Sheet, Goody Bag and a copy of this contract. This Pomeranians AKC registered name will begin with "Sharp's". By signing below the buyer has read and understands the terms of this contract and is in full agreement: X Buyers Signature:________________________________________ Breeders Signature:_______________________________________ Guarantee Begins:______________Guarantee Expires:_____________ ~ Guarantee begins the date you receive your new puppy ~